mokkalog (alpha2.1)

What is Mokkalog?
Brand Growth
Core Values
Mokkalog is a fashion platform powered by community of rising brands & enthusiasts.
Discover & shop clothing from innovative & rising brands.
We help new brands take off.
How do I use Mokkalog?
For Creators: We are an inventory-free & open listing platform where you can list your clothing on our platform. Find your next potential collabrators from a list of brands, retailers, and creators.
Be part of a community of like minded people.
For You: Discover & shop new brands that we know you will love using our easy to use navigation system.
Create an account to get recommendation more tailored to your taste.
The goal of Mokkalog is to have clothing from all over the world & be inclusive to all styles of clothing.
Because we have so many variety, some clothing might not be for you. We are constantly striving to improve our design so it is easy for you to browse from a selection you enjoy.
Badges: The badge system is an easy way to navigate through clothing from verified brands. Brands with any type of badges have been verified by our team at Mokkalog. You can read more in detail here. But here is a brief summary of what each badges represent.
Verified Badge
Golden Mug
Editor's Choice
Green Sapling
Sustainable Spirit
Ruby Sicssor
Blue Globe
Global Shipping
Brand Growth
During our inception, one of our core values has been to shine a spotlight on emerging brands and underappreciated designers. Our mission is to empower these brands, enabling them to unlock their full potential and garner visibility among a broader audience.
Start Uploading Today: Are you a brand owner? You can start listing your clothing on our platform after you make an account with us today. Please follow our guideline when listing.
How does it work?: We want to be transparent and let you know we don't do fee per click or fee per purchase. However we charge $1 per listing every month. But everyone gets their first 10 listing for free every month, so you guys can test it out and see if it is worth listing more clothing with us.
Find Collaborators: One of the ways to take your brand to the next level is through collaboration. We bring creative minds together.
Core Values
We are only 1% on our way to our goal!
We have many more features coming in the future.
Core values at Mokkalog
User Experience: We are not there yet, but we are always striving for better design.
Art: What is Art? Accountant can be an artist as long as you put in dedication, heart, and meaning into your work. We celebrate artist & preservation of human emotions.
Dream: One step at a time. We hope to keep chasing our dream.

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