mokkalog (alpha2.1)

The Future of Mokkalog

November 16, 2023
Hi my name is Jihun and I would like to welcome you guys to Mokkalog once again.

This has been an independent project of mine for a bit now.
We still have a long way to go, but we will get there one day.

These are the next features I want to add to Mokkalog:

  1. Blog Revamp: The blog section is minimalist and barren to ensure that the focus remains on the content, allowing the words to take the center stage....... I will revamp it one day.
  2. Discover section: Little fun fact, this used to be the home page, but I think the current home page is more fitting. I want this page to be a place to discover new & innovative brands something out of your comfort zone. But before redesigning this part I would like your feedback and design with our users in mind. So please give me some ideas!
  3. Algorithm/Personal Filter: My dream for this website is to have many different brands from all over the world and culture. But I want to recommend you guys clothing that we think you will like. For this to happen we would need to build a recommendation algorithm.

Interesting concept I want to tackle is a transparent & adjustable recommendation algorithm.
The algorithm will take data of:
- Clothing you liked
- Clothing you visited(Clicking the visit button in the clothing page)
- Brands Follow

 and build a recommendation algorithm, but the catch is you will be able to see what you are getting recommended and be able to adjust it.
 Each attribute will have weight of -1 to 1, if the attribute is closer to 1 it will be recommended to you more & vise versa.
 UI will look something like this:

does this make sense lol