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Mokkalog Issue#2: The Perfect Gift

October 13, 2023
Valentines Day is coming up, and like most I am filled with anxiety because I don't know what to get her.
and then I'm relieved I don't have a girlfriend and not have to worry about getting someone a gift :(...

Not just for Valentines Day, but I do have this problem every time when I have to buy a gift for someone, and you might have the same problem.
In my opinion a good gift doesn't have to be extravagant, but long lasting & essential. Brownie points, if it is unique.
Something that they can wear everyday and be reminded of how lucky they are to have you in their life.

In Mokkalog fashion, I have compiled five brands that are the perfect gift depending what kind of person they are.

1. For Him: Manresa Clothing

Manresa Clothing Lookbook

You just have to checkout Manresa Clothing. Created in Connecticut, it is a brand that captures the elements of New England fashion style and  the perfect essential piece to gift to any man. I can see myself wearing their timeless pieces from here in my 20s and pass my 60s, remembering all the beautiful memories I made. They do a really great job of capturing clothing for the everyday man, it is like the early days of Carhartt with sprinkle of pastel colors.

2. For Her: Maria De La Orden

FW2023 Promo for Maria de la Orden


The perfect gift for the ladies is to make them feel young again. To go back in time to the simpler days when you didn't have to worry about anything. Maria de la Orden's catalog is a time machine that will take you back to 1900s Europe(is that too far back?) One summer, Maria fell in love with Peruvian fabric and brought it back to Madrid to make her first jacket, and she since then she has just been doing that again and again. At a quick glance Maria de la Orden's collection reminds me of most luxury brands: 1. Visually Stunning 2. Great fabric 3. Never able to afford it. But surprisingly Maria's collection is very affordable for what it offers. Definitely worth checking out. 

3. For the Runner: Satisfy Running
Every true runners knows the most important aspect in running is to look good while running. Make sure your back is straight, keep your mouth close, your arms are moving in harmony, and lastly you are wearing Satisfy Running gear.

Wearing Satisfy will help your giftee run new PRs because they will be flying through the tracks because they are so fly. The best gift you can give to any runner.
Satisfy clothing can be characterized by minimalistic earthy design letting its high tech material & visually stunning fabric justify its expensive price point. Satisfy is a luxury brand for the outdoor lovers & can be safely say this French brand is the grail for any runners.

A Vest from Satisfy Running

4. For the Earth Lovers: Samaaj Studio

Bit of a controversial statement here, but I don't think a brand is sustainable by how many certificates they bought, but if they are actually using recycled material. Samaaj Studio is a brand that doesn't have any sustainability certificates, but their clothing are made from recycled fabric. They unravel all the unused fabrics in their region and weave a new garment using traditional methods.

Indigo dyed jacket

I mean just one look at their clothing, and you just know it is a work of art. You could see the difference between artificial dye that are used in the industry, verses the natural indigo dye Samaaj uses to bring out the vibrant color. Browsing their catalog makes you feel like you are in a virtual museum because you are looking at fabrics that have decades to centuries of history & visually stunning patterns that captures the Bangladesh techniques.

5. For the Ops: Force Unseen

Balaclava made from Gucci fabric

Luke 6:27 Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you. Maybe it's finally time to make peace with your ops. Buy them a balaclava as a token of peace offering.
At a first glance, you may think these balaclava's are ai generated, but I guarantee you these are real. These balaclavas are custom made with fabrics from your favorite fashion brands likes of Nike, Stone Island, Gucci, and many more.

Force Unseen is a great example of how fabric can be reinterpreted into something completely new, and can inspire creators to rethink how they approach their art in a different way. Lastly, while these balaclavas are supposed to be worn, I believe these can be a great decor pieces for your house too.

Lastly for those with the creative minds, I will leave you guys with a word from the man who crafts from the unseen,

“All objective (visible) states were first subjective (invisible) states, and you called them into visible by assuming the feeling of their reality. The creative process is first imagining and then believing the state imagined. Always imagine and expect the best.”